Cytokinins are phyto-hormones that take their name from the cytokinesis, one of the most important moments of the cell division process.


The high concentration of soluble salts in the whole planet soils is one of the most common problems in agriculture and, in turn, one of the most difficult to solve.


The ferric chlorosis is a very common problem in a lot of crops and soil and agronomic conditions and its appearance minimizes the yield.


Cracking is a physiopathology characterized by the appearance of fractures in fruit cuticle and that generates a negative impact on the crops due to the fact that cracking causes losses of quality,


New systems of agricultural production, more respectful of the environment due to reduced use of chemicals, require innovative technologies to ensure the performance and quality of agricultural pro


Before fertilizing soil and profitable plantation is very important to ensure that everything will contribute as macro and micro elements must be first, and then you will be well assimilated by the


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